Is coaching right for me?

Raise your hand if this is you:

You’ve tried different exercise programs with varying degrees of success, or no success at all.

You’ve cut calories, gone Keto, killed yourself on cardio, and gone to every intense exercise class you could find, but still are not where you want to be physically, aesthetically, or maybe even mentally.

Perhaps its time for some professional guidance and accountability, and that is where an experienced coach can help you change your life.

A coach bridges the gaps that an internet full of information cannot give you. A coach supports you through your low spots and still holds you to a higher standard because they believe in you. even when you may not believe in yourself. A coach gives you feedback that is tailored to your unique situation. Above all, a coach holds you accountable so you can do the work and enjoy the results you earn.

But is coaching right for me, and is it right for me right now?

My program is intended for individuals who are ready to invest in themselves, work hard, and develop skills for a healthy and fit lifestyle. 
You need to be ready to commit 100%.
100% to the workouts.
100% to the the nutrition.
100% to the sleep.
My approach is a bit different than what you may have experienced in the past. Rather than adding more, I will teach you how focused workouts and a less restrictive diet can get you the physique you want. But you have to be ready. I’ll have you doing things that may seem to go against everything you think you know. Remember, change produces change. 
You’ll need to be consistent and patient. These changes take time, which is why I require a six-month commitment. 
You’ll also need to be honest. Honest with me and honest with yourself. 
This may seem like a lot. Maybe you aren’t ready and that’s okay. But if you are, I encourage you to apply today.
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