Student Enrollment

Hi, my name is
and my email address is
LeeAnna McMullen (“Instructor”) and above named student hereby agree to the following terms concerning lessons in voice:
  • The Student will have weekly lessons at GSAA. No lessons will be given during home leave or holiday breaks.
  • Each lesson will last 30 minutes and cost $25. Payment for the full month is due at the first lesson of each month. (Example, if lessons are on Mondays and there are 4 Mondays in the month, $100 is due for that month).
  • The Student is expected to spend appropriate time practicing each week. Instructor shall provide copies of music and exercises required for lessons. If needed, the Student will buy additional music at the Instructors recommendation.
  • Should the Student request, Instructor will arrange the opportunity for special music performances at GSAA and/or other SDA churches in the area (dependent on availability).
  • The Student is responsible for his/her own attendance. If the Student cannot attend a lesson, he/she must notify Instructor as soon as possible. Please note: calling in for a sick day to the GSAA office will NOT notify the Instructor. The Student should contact the Instructor directly if will he/she will miss a lesson. Missed lessons will be scheduled for a make-up time as available or roll over into the next month.
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